What if the Jazz win the NBA draft lottery?

Last Monday Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton went through a draft scenario where the Jazz ended up picking second.

But what if the Jazz do win the lottery and get the top pick in the draft?

A high pick certainly seems due after the misfortunes they’ve faced over this season.

Some of these misfortunes include:

The Jeff Withey no-call that decided the game that determined the tiebreaker with the Rockets.

Losing several close games especially in the final few minutes.

The Clippers bench playing out of their minds to beat the Jazz in a must a win game for the Jazz.

Injuries galore. 

With so much misfortune, doesn’t it seem like Karma owes us a little bit of something?

And it’s not like the Jazz have been any more fortunate in previous drafts. Since 2004 the Jazz have had their pick in the lottery seven times and have never drafted higher than their pre-lottery position.

They did get a little lucky with the Nets pick in 2011 when they picked third after being slotted in the sixth spot pre-lottery. Although, that pick turned into Enes Kanter who turned into the worst.

Admittedly Karma hasn’t necessarily been fair lately. I mean it seems like Cleveland gets the first pick every other year.

If we get the pick

Now I’m not going to lie to you the chances of the Jazz getting a top three pick are very low. The Jazz have only a 2.3 percent chance of drafting in the top three and the likelihood they get the first pick is a mere .7 percent according to cbs.com .

But what if fate favors us just this once.

Can you imagine a team that features Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Dante Exum and Brandon Ingram? The length would be league-best and Ingram certainly wouldn’t hurt our shooting.

Or the big-to-big passing of a line-up with Trey Lyles and Ben Simmons.

Or Buddy Hield stretching the floor and bringing the edginess the Jazz line-up has been missing since the Deron Williams trade.

Maybe we finally lock-up that oh so elusive superstar, maybe we win a championship and maybe the outlook of franchise is forever changed . It probably won’t happen but what if it does?

Post your lottery-winning fantasies in the comments.