Alec Burks has the same disease as Kyrie Irving

In Cleveland, Kyrie Irving has been a shot making maven.

In Oakland, he was an off-the-dribble disaster. He missed a whole bunch of shots and most of them were off-the-dribble.

Last week, Zach Lowe talked in podcast Kyries struggles off the dribble.

To this point in the playoffs,  52 percent of Irving’s shots were off-the-dribble jump-shots compared to only 13 percent catch-and-shoot jump-shots , according to Kyrie loves shooting off-the-dribble but should he?

During the playoffs, Irving has shot 45 percent on shots off the dribble while shooting 49 percent on catch-and-shoot opportunities , according to On three-point-shots the difference is staggering. Irving has shot 53 percent on catch-and-shoot opportunities while shooting only 37 percent off-the-dribble.

Nylon calculus even did a piece on the difference between how players shoot off-the-dribble and catch-and-shoot and Irving’s shot varied more than almost any other player.

Clearly Kyrie needs to adjust his shot distribution.

Alec Burks has a similar problem.

He dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and shoots but he’s much better when someone is passing him the ball.

Only 15 percent of Burks shots were catch-and-shoot opportunities, while shooting 40 percent of his shots came off-of-dribble.

This season, he shot 39 percent on catch-and-shoot opportunities and 35 percent off-the-dribble.

This isn’t a new trend either. Last season he shot 43 percent on catch-and-shoot opportunities and 36 percent off-the-dribble.

Burks, and by extension the Jazz, are better when Burks takes his shots off of another players dribble.

Besides, both Hood and Hayward are better passers than Burks. Anything we can do to keep these two facilitating the offense is a good idea and that includes keeping Burks from dribbling.

Much like Irving, Alec Burks needs to learn how to play off the ball.






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