Utah Jazz Draft Profiles: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson


With elite length (6’7″ with a 7’2″ wingspan), build, agility and leaping ability, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has all the physical traits NBA teams want in a wing prospect.

Hollis-Jefferson’s intangibles are also top tier. He is willing to sacrifice his body for the team and outworked his opponent on a nightly basis.

Along with his athleticism and his “want to” Hollis-Jefferson know’s how to play defense and is a smart defender. Hollis-Jefferson check’s all the boxes a player needs to in order to be an elite wing defender.

Hollis-Jefferson is a smart and skilled passer who likes to share the ball with his teammates.

With jump out of the gym athleticism and the ability to finish through contact Hollis-Jefferson is incredible at the rim, converting 56.3 percent of his shots around the basket. These skills also translated to the highest free-throw rate of any small forward in the draft.


Hollis-Jefferson has a jump shot so traumatically bad that it might take you a while to recover from watching him shoot. His mechanics are completely broken and he’ll have to completely overhaul his form to succeed offensively.

Though he is steadily improving his handle it still needs a lot of work and will make it difficult for him to create in the half court.

At times loses control of his body and makes bad turn overs or gets stuck in a double team.


With defensive tools that can make a basketball fan drool Hollis-Jefferson could make the Jazz already elite defense even better and push Burkes and Hood on that side of the court. He’ll be able to guard both wing’s in the NBA and might even be able to guard 1 and the 4 at times wing his quickness and length.

Hollis-Jefferson wouldn’t add much as far as shooting but the Jazz emphasis on improving their shooting could help him develop into a passable shooter.

His “give a crap” score is through the roof and would only enhance the level of competition both in practice and during games. Will likely make a great locker room presence.

Hollis-Jefferson really struggles shooting the ball but could be an all-NBA-defender to help the Jazz maintain their defensive identity.

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Information courtesy of:

Draft Express



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