Utah Jazz Draft Profiles: Bobby Portis


Bobby Portis is an incredibly hard worker who is willing to battle for loose balls and rebounding position. His hustle shows up in the open court where he runs very well for a big man.

Although he didn’t take many 3 point shot’s, Portis shot well from behind the arc at a 47 percent. He has a smooth mid range game that he hit on consistently throughout his college career.

At 6’10.5″ and 246 lbs. with 7’2″ wingspan Portis has excellent length and strength for a power forward.

Played against elite competition in the SEC including the Kentucky Wildcats who he played twice. Many of those he played will play in the NBA.

The big man is a good passer especially out of the post and turns the ball over at a low rate.


Portis is just alright athletically, which could make life difficult for him in a league that runs on athleticism.

Although Portis has done fairly well with his back to the basket, his game in the post is still raw.

Doesn’t have the elite length and athleticism to be a rim protector at the next level. This might also mean he’ll have a hard time if he needs to play the center position.

Although his shot has been money in college, Portis has a slow, awkward release that could be a problem when guarded by quicker, more athletic defenders.


Portis’ work ethic combined with Coach Snyder’s coaching could mean great things when it comes to his development.

If Portis is able to hit the 3-point-shot at anywhere near the rate he did in college, Portis could provide floor spacing without the team losing the hustle that has become a Jazz trademark on defense.

Portis is more power-forward than center but he could certainly play solid backup minutes at either position.

Overall, the Jazz might be getting a lifelong backup if they draft Portis, because his ceiling isn’t lofty, but that might be just what they need to round out their front-court.

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Draft Express



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