Utah Jazz Draft Profiles: Kevon Looney

In high school, Kevon Looney was compared to Kevin Durant, and not just because they have a similar names. It is definitely a loose comparison, but the fact people are talking about it means there is at least something there.

Looney is coming out after his freshman year at UCLA, where he carried the Bruins to the sweet sixteen.


At just over 6’9″ with a 7′ 3″ wingspan, Kevon Looney is incredibley long.

Looney is one of the better shooter’s at the power forward position, shooting 41% from three-point range.

His give-a-crap factor is pretty high, and he has not had any character issues pop up.

Looney is an active defender, averaging just under a block and just over a steal per game.


Looney is incredibley thin and does not currently have the strength to compete at the rim and rebound at the four in the NBA.

He only posses average quickness and athleticism, which could limit him at the next level.

Though he is a good shooter, he has a slow release which will make it difficult for him to get off his shot.

His hustle is mitigated by the fact that he gets fatigued easily.


Looney might have trouble finding time at the power forward position on the Jazz, with Derrick Favors and Trevor Booker on the roster, and he probably is notan upgrade over any of our current wings.

A reduced role as the fourth big could make him more efficient.

If the Jazz pick Looney, it will be on his potential as a stretch four, hoping that his frame fills in.

Another long defender certainly would not hurt the Jazz, and Looney could provide some of the shooting the Jazz desperately need.

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